I am a licensed Private Pilot for Single Engine Land (ASEL) and Single Engine Sea (ASES) aircraft. I usually fly:

  • N8881W - a 1964 Piper Cherokee 235 (PA-28-235), which requires a high-performance engine endorsement. 
  • N84230 - a 1947 Aeronca Champ (7AC) , which requires a tailwheel endorsement.
As of 11-01 -2014 I have:


Landings: 495
Tail wheel: 24.6 hours
Total Time: 250.1 hours


Landings: 51
Total Time: 12.8 hours


Night: 37.6 hours
Cross Country: 87.2 hours
Dual: 61.1 hours
Pilot in Command: 157.1
Endorsements: High Performance, Tailwheel
Ratings: Airplane Single Engine Land, Airplane Single Engine Sea


(Partial List) Tina McGee, Chris Goeden, Shawna Swin, Dennis Lotts, Karen Lotts, Allen and Austin Galindo, Ron Lancaster, Megan Leonard, Becky Parker, Sara Parker, Eric Parker, Matt Wendt, Shawn Wahlner, Darcie Karol, Ron Lancaster family, Brian Hartman, Heather ? (Brian's GF), and Tom ? (Brian's Friend), Tom Walls, Scott Gillette (not Pam, yet), Drew Gillette, Tylor Gillette, Peter Pascale family, Justin Jianglin Liu (from Beijing China), and many, many more.


Danny Reis, Mike Nelms, Sandi Randall



The map below shows aiports that I have visited. By default, it shows airports that I have flown to as pilot-in-command, but you can also select 'passenger' to see aiports that I have visited as a passenger, or 'all' to see all aiports that I have visited.